Okay...so, I know I'm not the only one that skips putting on lotion in the mornings.  My morning routine just doesn't allow for an extra five minutes to sit around waiting for my body lotion to dry before I get dressed for work.  Ever try pulling on a pair of jeans and a sweater right after you've lathered up?  I seriously feel like Bill Cosby in the opening of The Cosby Show trying to walk around my apartment comfortably as my clothes stick to the sliminess of the lotion.

But really...aint nobody got time for dat!  (if you are unfamiliar with that reference, please view below video and thank me later)

So, what's a girl to do when she can't moisturize post shower?  Flakey skin is such a faux pas and really...aint nobody got time for dat either!

Enter, Vaseline Spray & Go.  Some might call it the lazy girl's solution, but I like to call it...brilliant.  Think of all the things you'll have time for in the morning when you're not waiting for your lotion to dry...

-stand in front of your closet hopelessly staring at your clothes not knowing what to wear.  Don't worry girl, if you stare hard enough...something new will appear, right?
-make yourself a nice breakfast*
-dance around your apartment like BEYONCE, not Bill Cosby
-Shave your legs...because now, you actually have time to do that (smooth AND silky legs?  Yes, you too can have it all!)

*this requires you to go grocery shopping first...which I personally hate doing because I have 1.5 cabinets to fit all my food in and I truthfully don't like being forced to complete a rubics cube every time I want to put my groceries away.  Aint nobody got time for dat! (too much? sorry, it's just so perfect)

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Vaseline Spray & Go lotion...my fav is the Cocoa Radiant
So...why are you still reading this? GO BUY IT!




Finally, the weekend.  This girl is spending her Friday night with Mr. Ducky in the tub (scandalous)!  
Time to unwind, relax and soak till I'm pruney.  
Light your favorite candle, lather yourself in a moisturizing body wash, "treat yo self" to a luxurious hair mask and you've got yourself a recipe for the perfect bath. 

Happy Friday everyone! xo 



There are so many things I love about my apartment...it may be little, but it is filled with the things that I love.  Sam and I have lived here for about two and a half years and have definitely made it feel like home!  Here are a few snapshots of some of my favorite places in my apartment.




Even though it hardly feels like Spring on the East Coast (more snow, really??), I am still grasping onto any sign of the changing season.  While it may be too early to pull out the cropped pants and flowy colorful blouses, it is the perfect time to try out some bold new nail colors for Spring.  I'm loving these fun and bold mani/pedi combos...and let's admit it- they are way better to look at than what's going on outside our windows.  Here's to wishing for a change in the weather sooner rather than later!!

neon // nude

pink // red

This is my all time favorite top coat...it dries your nails so fast and gives them that super shine you thought you could only get from the salon.  Even better, it's so cheap and available at most drug stores!  You can thank me later ;)



I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  I really needed that extra day to catch up on life.  On Saturday, I "said yes to the dress" at Kleinfeld...the very first dress I tried on!  I feel so unbelievably relieved.

So, besides being obsessed with THE dress, here are a few other things I'm still loving from this past weekend.

-Starbucks Green Tea Frapps
so easy to make, yet SO delicious.  If you haven't tried one yet- RUN to the Bucks now and get one.

-The HBO 'Life is But a Dream' documentary about Beyonce
Oh, and apparently Blue Ivy is a baby prodigy. Obvs.

-the Downton Abbey season finale
definitely more depressed than obsessed but I'd like to take a moment to recognize how amazing the costumes have been this season.  I would totes be BFF's with Rose.



Lately, I’ve been completely OBSESSED with spinning.  I started taking a few classes with one of my good friends back in September and ever since, we’ve been going four times a week.  My next step is to try out a SoulCycle or FlyWheel class in the city…I’ve only heard great things about both (including the fact that Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal make frequent appearances. Um, hi.  Sign me up.)  

Over the past few months, I’ve slowly been adding new “pieces” to my “activewear wardrobe”.  I treat myself to something new every once in awhile as a reward for keeping up with my gym schedule…while this can get a little pricey, I figure it’s better than treating myself to several Reese’s Valentine’s Day peanut butter hearts (as I drool on my keyboard. Why are they so good!??)

Here are some of my fav things to wear to the gym, in addition to some that are on my wish list.

Lulu Lemon No Limits Tank *wishlist item

Emi-Jay Hair Ties (these are the best at keeping my hair in place when I work out!)



Did anyone else feel like this was the shortest weekend ever...in history?!  Hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday!  Monday again- time to get back to work for the week.  

Here is some Monday morning inspiration for you all as a reminder to do what you love (and love what you do)!