Lately, I’ve been completely OBSESSED with spinning.  I started taking a few classes with one of my good friends back in September and ever since, we’ve been going four times a week.  My next step is to try out a SoulCycle or FlyWheel class in the city…I’ve only heard great things about both (including the fact that Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal make frequent appearances. Um, hi.  Sign me up.)  

Over the past few months, I’ve slowly been adding new “pieces” to my “activewear wardrobe”.  I treat myself to something new every once in awhile as a reward for keeping up with my gym schedule…while this can get a little pricey, I figure it’s better than treating myself to several Reese’s Valentine’s Day peanut butter hearts (as I drool on my keyboard. Why are they so good!??)

Here are some of my fav things to wear to the gym, in addition to some that are on my wish list.

Lulu Lemon No Limits Tank *wishlist item

Emi-Jay Hair Ties (these are the best at keeping my hair in place when I work out!)

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